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14 Architectural Trends That Will Establish The Next Decade

When you consider the future, how do you imagine the constructed environment? According to this report, originally appearing on The Huffington Post as The Architecture of the Future is a lot more Dramatic than You Might Imagine, the near future is closer than we may believe -- present jobs are embracing the envisioned needs [...]

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The Science Behind the Next Generation of Wood Buildings

In a time when designers, engineers, and contractors need to find solutions to get a resource-constrained surroundings, fresh timber technologies, materials, and mathematics are all hastening efforts to boost security and structural operation. International Building Code requires all construction systems, irrespective of materials used, to do to the exact same amount of health and [...]

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8 Common Materials You May Not Have Realized Are Used For Sustainable Architecture

Sustainability, sustainable architecture are word which, for a lot of us, continues to be pushed into our heads from the beginning of our careers as contractors. We've got a duty to the entire world and future generations to design buildings which are socially aware--out of solar panels to triple-glazed windows, we've tried everything. In [...]

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Enterprise Architecture

Historically, little thought was given to preserving or creating strategic architectures for business ventures. Since the competitive landscape continues to place pressure on organizations to become effective, the practice of executing unified Enterprise Architecture is becoming a vital part of a enterprise. Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architecture is a tool that assists companies by enabling [...]

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