Architecture is an art justified by science, which is just all about form, space, and order. At UNAAVIHS coimbatore architects dream like an ARTIST and think like an ENGINEER. Our detailed design guides, drives and helps leading builders to fulfil the project. Our expertise in technical and environmental knowledge, design and construction management and site supervision makes the project a happy dream fulfilled elegantly.



In pursuit of perfection is the goal of architecture which is defined by Aristotle as “that which is complete, flawless, and has attained its purpose”. 

To assign values without meaning is useless; any architectural design of perfection should be tested against something human and not just geometry. UNAAVIHS architects have an essential understanding of the distinction between spaces for the collective and the individual.

We offer feasibility reports, building audits, architectural design & plan, and space planning including interior design. As a good architect in Coimbatore, we coordinate a Design team, Structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers and other specialists to ensure that the project follows the design, schedule, required quality and budget.

architects in coimbatore


Our aesthetic design is backed by a robust structural vision and structural mechanics to ensure STABILITY and DURABILITY through the use of economic and sustainable resources.

architects in coimbatore


  • Site Assessment
  • Concept Creation
  • Design Development
  • Plan Development
  • Statutory Approval Documentation
  • Detailed specifications for Civil Engineers
  • Construction Site Supervision & Advisory

Their professionalism and industry experience are unrivaled, making it a pleasure to work with Mr.Dinesh for our regular and various architectural needs. With their consistently high standards of service and quality, I would highly recommend Una Avihs – you won’t be let down.

Mr.Sundar Rajan, Advocate

Una Avihs has always been and remains one of our most important and valued professional resources. They bring enormous experience, skill, dedication and knowledge of all aspects of architectural practice. Their expertise extends to all the development types which includes retail, commercial office, and residential.

Mr. Giri, Coimbatore

Una Avihs is an architect that listens to its customers to find the balance between aesthetics, quality, cost, and schedule. Furthermore, you have incorporated the contractor into those discussions seeking everyone’s input for maximum effectiveness & efficiency. As stated by a colleague of mine, ‘if you have a budget and want good design – hire Una Avihs.

Mrs. Girija, Coimbatore

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